7: thermoplastics

a thermoplastic is a material( usually a plastic polymer) that softens when heated and hardens when cooled. this week, we used different objects that we could find, to make shapes with the polyester fabrics. This method can be used for creating different objects, such as lampshades, clothing, and jewelry as well.

I made use of pebbles and tied them within the fabric. I also used some aluminum foil to scrunch up the ends of the fabric for a different texture.


then, we wrapped the entire thing up with aluminum so that it was more secure and threw them into a pot to boil.

they were boiled in hot water for 45 mins – 1 hour and taken out to cool and dry.


removed the pebbles and aluminum foil

and this was the result!

(Could look like a necklace piece hahaaaa)

I think the objects helped to shape the fabric more obviously, compared to the scrunching of the cloth. Although it can be seen, the rounded pebble shapes produced a prettier and fuller shape!

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