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For EM2 (Brad Pitt), I decided to use Vanessa Hudgens (HSM!!!) instead hahaha.

I think the first 2 steps were pretty okay. Step 1 was mostly about reading the image, and replacing the image according to the different dimensions of the face tracker, and step 2 was face tracking and inverting of the video.


(Didn’t change the send/receiving patcher names from brad to vanessa because I don’t think it would affect!)

Changed the jit.fastblur range to make the image clearer because the lower values felt too blur to blend into(?) my face.

I think the funniest part about HSM that I remembered was when Vanessa Hudgens stood out from the entire crowd and just shouted “TROYYYYY”, so I decided to add a trigger to play a sound (adapted from mirror patcher), using brightness.

Set a condition that if the brightness value went below 0.5, the audio would play. Took me awhile to get it and I didn’t know that just by typing “<0.5” in a patcher would get the condition. However the problem with this is that the value < 0.5 jumps a lot, and the audio restarts every time the value changes, instead of playing it as a whole once the value is <0.5. Still have yet to figure this out. :(

(Will not be adding in the actual audio because you can’t really hear it but you can see the play/stop button triggered every time the value falls below 0.5.)