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Study – Physical Space

Momentum – Untitled Visual Artists
an immersive installation that combined light, sound, and movement.

In this installation, the way that the installation is built in a curvature allows the viewers to perceive a never-ending space in which they will continue to crawl into. Combined together with the pendulum-inspired light from the above, in this entirely dark space, the light provides a seemingly foggy atmosphere that intensifies the ambiance within the area.

This entire experience is further amplified by the height of the space. As the area is as high as 6-metres tall, it provides greater space and depth that causes audiences to drown within the work.

The light pendulums that hung from the top sometimes moved in unexpected ways, and since viewers were invited to explore the room at their own pace, every viewer that experienced this would have left with a different experience. The shadows that were cast by the viewers, as well as the different group of viewers that would interact with them ultimately formed a different outcome each time.