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Mac Miller – Self Care

In this music video, it starts off with a side view of Mac Miller who places himself in a coffin. In these four walls, it is easy to understand that he is feeling trapped within. What makes it seem more cramped is that the video is being shot at very close proximity, that makes viewers perceive that there is only so much space that is allowed for the camera to fit in and for this to be shot.

Towards the end of the music video, he starts to emerge from a pit of ash (probably from his cigarette) and frees himself, showing how he managed to release himself from probably an emotional turmoil that he had been trapped in.

I think that this music video broadly reflects our current society, in which the idea of self-care is coming to light and more people are gaining knowledge and know the importance of self-care.

While this is a music video which does not provide any immersive aspects, I think that it provides with an efficient concept (even though it was an extremely simple set up) that helps viewers to relate to his story.