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Zine: Final

  Here is the final layout of my zine! :-)

Took a really Japanese style approach into my zine, with the use of Japanese words with English translations and also the simple structure of the zine itself.

I think this project was really beneficial for me because it was my first time using InDesign and learning about how you put together and create a zine was really interesting and fun :-)

The process of taking the pictures was also enjoyable and it was my first try at that so yay!

Zine: Process


Following the subject of my zine – Hotsprings, I decided to link it to the hot springs that were related to Japan! And there is a running theme in the pictures taken for my zine, and its layout as well.

I went to visit the Sembawang Hotsprings a second time in order to take the photos needed for the zine and I brought 2 friends along to help me with it!

So according to commercial hot spring images, I tried to dress up and bring items that would resemble them.

(Unlike usual hotsprings, we had to collect the water from a tap to use ha haha)

In order to create the visual of me in a towel (which I could not really be in there because it was a public place with no toilets!!), I wore an off-shoulder top and stuffed a small towel around the elastic area. If you look closer, the top is actually not fully covered!

Okay this is the full view hahahhahahAHHAHA


Tried to use a background that had more nature feels… but I think it didn’t really work since they were all leaves and trees

And the eggs that were 3/4 cooked? :-)


Since my entire theme followed the Japanese idea, I decided to make my zine that follows the Japanese style as well! I referenced from a number of Japanese books/magazines :-)

Also, for the spreads, I referenced from some minimalist/Japanese magazine layouts as well.

Inculcated this layout to the page on individual items that one can bring to the Hot Springs

And this, for the information on travelling to Sembawang Hot Springs (map!)

Research & Process: Que Sera Sera


Shortlisting of Jobs

In the first lesson when we got the brief, I thought of some jobs that could be easier (heh) to portray, because of the special details that these jobs have, i.e. a DJ, Cashier, Chef, Racer…

and I thought of making things like fitting my name/initials into a receipt (Cashier) hiding my name within an order sheet (Chef), but I realised that that wasn’t what this project was about!

So continuing my research, these are some of the other jobs that I had brainstormed on:

img_2414 img_2415


My initial ideas were still a little off as well, because it didn’t spell out my name/initials well enough, but at least I could finally shortlist the 4 jobs that I was gonna use!

  1. Rhythmic Gymnast
  2. Zookeeper
  3. Celebrity
  4. Chef (Sushi)


Rhythmic Gymnast:

I think this idea was pretty clear cut, to make use of the ribbons that Rhythmic Gymnasts perform with and twirl it into my name. The background used is the usual blue gym mats!

The good thing about this is that it helped to add a different and contrasting texture from the ribbon as well.

My final composition made the name clearer than this initial draft.


I wanted to keep my ‘K L O’ into an enclosure, while K L O would be dressed in animal skin/fur – However it became too messy and the colours clashed. Also, it didn’t really portray the elements of a Zookeeper but rather the environment instead.

>> Changed my idea to make K L O (although still in animal skin/fur) into wearing the uniform/clothes that zookeepers have to be in.

Initially, K L O were in a very neat/minimalistic alignment, but it was suggested that I should create different baselines in order to make the job look more outgoing and fun, rather than static.

I didn’t remove the animal skin/element from K L O as I thought having them just wear the clothes would be a little too ambiguous.


Made K O K O wear fancy dresses and suits, and actually tried to add some flashes of lights at the back to make it look like there were paparazzi, but I think my intended effect did not happen :-( So it was suggested that I made K O K O stand on a stage instead.

Also, because the clothes were too repetitive, I decided to change them out into different clothes!

Chef (Sushi)

I wanted to make use of the different ingredients in something like a maki roll to spell my name, while using a wooden sushi rolling mat as its background, but I think the results came out quite… unpleasantly HAHAHHAA

So this composition was the one that made me think for DAYSSS before I could even decide on one (which will be posted in the Final post!)

Decided to change my initials to ‘TC’ (Tan Chloe), and made use of probably the two most popular fishes people have for sashimi – Tuna and Salmon, to form my initials!