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Zine: Process


Following the subject of my zine – Hotsprings, I decided to link it to the hot springs that were related to Japan! And there is a running theme in the pictures taken for my zine, and its layout as well.

I went to visit the Sembawang Hotsprings a second time in order to take the photos needed for the zine and I brought 2 friends along to help me with it!

So according to commercial hot spring images, I tried to dress up and bring items that would resemble them.

(Unlike usual hotsprings, we had to collect the water from a tap to use ha haha)

In order to create the visual of me in a towel (which I could not really be in there because it was a public place with no toilets!!), I wore an off-shoulder top and stuffed a small towel around the elastic area. If you look closer, the top is actually not fully covered!

Okay this is the full view hahahhahahAHHAHA


Tried to use a background that had more nature feels… but I think it didn’t really work since they were all leaves and trees

And the eggs that were 3/4 cooked? :-)


Since my entire theme followed the Japanese idea, I decided to make my zine that follows the Japanese style as well! I referenced from a number of Japanese books/magazines :-)

Also, for the spreads, I referenced from some minimalist/Japanese magazine layouts as well.

Inculcated this layout to the page on individual items that one can bring to the Hot Springs

And this, for the information on travelling to Sembawang Hot Springs (map!)