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Do people really see this as a form of entertainment?

I’ve always seen it in videos, on how they perform tricks and stunts, and as amazing as it seems, they look so terribly dangerous!

Once, I saw an Eleman trying to balance on a ball, and he almost lost his balance. Can you imagine the impact if he actually fell?!

And there was another time, this Sealian was trying to juggle some bowling pins but it was so slippery he actually dropped them all over the place! How embarrassing must that have been for him!

Sigh, I always feel really sorry for those who have to go through this, just to allow people to have a laugh. There even has been a load of news on how the managers of these circuses actually mistreat their employees… Gosh.

I wonder how they feel about it though…


10th August

Every year, on the 10th of August, everyone would gather together at different locations to celebrate Lion’s Day.

What is Lion’s Day? A day to commemorate and thank LIONS.

Well, I used to be one of those believers who appreciated them. Our teachers always told us that they were the ones who helped to fight and defend our world against the unknown.

Sure, maybe that did happen a loooooong time ago, but the new age lions aren’t as what they are said to be!

They’re loud, proud, lazy, and they really don’t care about any species than their own. In short, they’re just leeching off of their ancestors’ contributions. I don’t get why they’re still allowed to be ruling, really.

“Come on Porklo, hurry up! We gotta get to the festival!”

“I told you Mom, I don’t wanna go!”

“It’s gonna be great fun!! Did you look at the pamphlets, they’re gonna have a mini concert, a worship session, look, they even have a photo booth! We might get to take some pictures with the standee of King!”

“UGH, Seriously, what’s so great about Lions any-”

“SHUSH IT! If you get heard by anyone else we’ll get into trouble!”

I don’t even know why people actually celebrate Lion’s Day. I mean, its the 21st century, no one REALLY believes in this hierarchy anymore…


Assignment 2: Research


Because my world is really based on a high school experience, I based my soundscape on it as well! and the first inspiration I got was from…

I think it’s because I remembered this scene of Lindsay Lohan having to go to her first day of school (previously she was home-schooled), and I remember her getting looks from the other students – so I tried to make my soundscape experience somewhat being in her position (a.k.a new girl in school).

(Up till ~0:15) 

In this video she doesn’t really get a negative response from her classmates, but in my soundscape I tried to portray a LITTLE bit of a judgemental atmosphere from my character’s classmates.

Sound Making

For my sounds, I mostly recorded them from my surroundings, for example

  • Talking
  • Background noises
  • Door opening/closing
  • Chair movements
  • Slamming of Books

Some of the recorded sounds were not from the actual actions –

  • Footsteps (made use of an object(like a pen) tapping on a hard cover book, slightly dragging at the end)
  • Heart beat (from my finger (because it’s blunt) tapping on a table)

However there were sounds that I wasn’t able to record on my own

  • School bell ringing
  • Lockers – I tried with metal objects but it did not come out the way I wanted it to be (sounded very heavy? unlike a locker door which is rather light and hollow)


I think that my composition changed slightly after the first critic session, rather than the addition of more details to refine my soundscape, I changed the arrangement of some sounds to make it flow better, and to help it make more sense.

Also, I think the idea (that was given in class) of having different sounds passing through the listener’s different ears made it sound better too!!

Overall I found this project really interesting because I generally like to work with sounds (like fixing of the timing and transitions) :-)

Lore: Law

I swear, my younger sister Eupine is being such a brat! I think she’s going through some lame phase or something. One day she’s trying to be some gothic person, and another day she tries to take up sports. HA.

Last week, she decided that no one in the family could wear colourful clothing because it was apparently “too bright” for her look.

And just a couple of days ago, she told us that we all had to eat what she ate to support her in her diet. Mom and Dad thought it was SO cute, but what she prepared was just from a whole bag of organic leaves from the farm!!! REALLY?!

Just thinking of all that healthy organic-ness makes me sick. Now I’ve to head up to wake that little devil up because Mom told me she had something she wanted to watch.


Okay, Seriously Eupine, what’s this.


Why is her door suddenly so difficult to open?


“Hey kid, mom told me to get you up for some sh– AHHHHHHHH”


“EUPINE!!!!!!!!!!! You freak! You made me fall on my spikes!!!”




Oh crap. Foot steps. MOM.


“Porklo, why are you taking so long–








OOOOH. THAT’S RIGHT. Today’s the grand opening of our new sports hall! The one we used to have classes at was starting to fall apart. I mean, the Seapeeps’ swimming pools were filled up with some weird gunk, which made it so difficult for them to train, and the Horsens’ obstacles courses were already damaged!

Okay, as much as how I’m not totally a sporty person, I think its still exciting and interesting to have new facilities around here, no? Maybe this being my last year, I should… try out something new? I’ve heard of well known Porculps athletes too! (and we’re definitely faster than the Hammies, heh!)


Wow this looks really new!!! I can’t wait to get inside!!!

Hmm I guess the general facilities are almost the same… The courts for ball games, the gym weights…

They actually used metal bars instead of wood for the Horsens’ obstacle courses! Oh and the swimming pool, looks WAY cleaner. Too bad we aren’t born to use them though.

I wonder where’s the training area for Porculpses…

OH alright I see it. Porculpses, Hammies, Rattens are… to the right.

Oh it’s quite a big room! Let me just turn on the lights…


Are you kidding me.


Assignment 1: Research

My story was adapted from Natasha’s world, whereby people are able to time travel by breaking the stem off their own blue feather.


I decided to make my story a love story, centering around the idea of teenage pregnancy but not exactly/explicitly – because when I read Natasha’s brief about her world, I immediately linked it to the concept of how people lose their first times – and I wanted to show how big of a deal society seems to think it is.

Also, another reason why I chose this theme was because her world mentions about the breaking of the feather’s stem by e.g. Person A BY Person B, will cause them to be bonded together forever. I thought of this as a lifetime responsibility, like how a child would be to two parents.

The mood for my story, in contrast to Natasha’s, is much more bright and playful, and much more casual, as I wanted to try to create a totally different vibe from her original story.

Medium: Comic/Illustration

So I really love reading these comics (below) called ‘Deep Dark Fears’, reasons why is because of the way the author draws his characters, as well as the way he expresses his thoughts across.

research-1 research-2

To me, he is able to tell an entire story through such small boxes and little words, and I really like that about it. Hence, I tried to align the design of my comic to his.

Personal Thoughts

I honestly think that doing this in a comic format was quite challenging, as it wasn’t easy placing long and detailed explanations into a few sentences that would be sufficient enough for readers to understand my idea.


Hmm… What to wear what to wear…

Yearbook photos are gonna be taken in 2 days, and I still haven’t decided on what I’m gonna wear for it! Maybe I should look through this catalogue that Birdnice passed to me, I’m sure I’ll be able to find something cute!


Okay, this looks like what my mom would wear when SHE was 16.


and this looks way too formal…


OOH, NICE! I’m pretty sure I’ve one of those halter tops somewhere in my closet… AND A SKIRT! YES.

I think I’m gonna go with…



(At least in my imagination it’d look like this :P)

Argh!!! I totally forgot to heat up my straightening iron. Whatever, gotta get out of the house before I run late!

“BYE MOM! See you tonight!”

Right as I was about to leave,

“HOLD IT PORKLO! You gotta have this necklace on for your year book picture! It’s been a tradition amongst your aunts, cousins and myself.” Mom fastens this heavy gold chain with a sparkly red pendant around my neck.

“AND WHAT IS THIS YOU ARE WEARING! This is too inappropriate for a year book photo!” She rushes into my room for and rummages through my closet to pull out…


“CHANGE IT!” She shoves the newly picked out clothes towards me and rushes me to the washroom.



Thanks a lot Mom.


Ugh… I swear, getting up for class is the hardest thing to do EVER. Especially with a mom who always threatens me with her spikes. Although I think it doesn’t work as well as before.. Ha!

Wait. Is that..


Oh gosh I gotta hurry up now, there’s gonna be a jam before I know it!







“OH Come on Peter! It’s raining, and you know how bad traffic is when the weather’s like this!”

“I’m sorry Porklo, rules are rules.” Peter shrugs as he walks off.

Great, just 2 minutes late and I’m on the records. Well at least I’m not the only one here.

Oh! There’s Pixie pulling up at the corner. I should probably go over and talk about how unfair this entire thing is.

“Hey Pi-”

Okay hold on, why is she not walking towards the late comers area? She’s walking towards the classroom instead… Did they just let her off like that?!

No WAIT! I SAW IT! I saw her slip that $5 bill in Peter’s hands!!! Ugh, those sly foxheads! I thought it was all a rumour but it’s true!

Just because they have that little stupid gold badge on their collars they think that they’re in charge. Pfft.


“Dear Diary,

Finally the first week of school is over! It felt so much tougher, especially after the looooong winter holidays.

I’m so glad that I’m finally graduating this year! No more waking up at 6AM, finishing up last minute homework and projects!

Anyway, we kinda had a self-introduction session today, but instead of the usual general introductions, we had to prepare introductions of our families. Coming from an Internanimal High School, we are exposed to so many different species and habitats, it was quite an interesting homeroom lesson.

The funniest introduction though, was by Pixie Taff! I’ve been in the same class as her for the past 2 years, but we were never close. I’ve always thought she was kinda cool, being able to play all types of sports, being the MVP of almost every Inter-College game even! We all thought that people of her habitat were just, natural sportsmen, but little did we know…

She was actually a Pigan! Surely, we thought she was at least a mixed species or just from somewhere really exotic. But when she showed us a picture of her family during her Feastmas Eve dinner like 10 years ago, it was hilarious!

She told us that it is Pigan culture to have an eating competition every Feastmas Eve, and when her uncle wanted to help them to take a picture of the family that year, this was what came out. She decided that she didn’t want to be like her family, stuffing their faces, so she changed her diet and started to work out to be healthy and fit! Hahaa!

Anyway, not all of us got to present our introductions because time was running out, including me, but Mr Bar told us to do it next week instead. Can’t wait! :-)

Anyhoo, I’m getting really sleep, so, time for bed!

Koko ^.^”