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Final project!!!

This project focuses on ourselves and how we would react in given situations/scenarios, so I felt the first step to do was to list down my personality traits and some of the things that I like and dislike.




And the conclusion is that…


So I thought of ideas that would link to an introvert’s worries


And also, chose digital illustration for my medium!

+ The 4 subject matters I chose that I felt best represented me (because these are some of my favourite things!)


I believe that brinjal is my favourite vegetable hahaha and so I decided to use it.


COLOUR: For all of my colour schemes, rather than changing the colours of objects I have, I focused more on appropriating the tone/shades :-)

I made use of translucent overlays and background to produce a suitable ambience & atmosphere for the situation, and it also helped to create a contrast, allowing the subject matter to stand out more.  (i.e. Icon 3). Across the panel, it also helped to create a gradual transition in how my character feels in the situation.

So the brinjal represents me (in the supermarket), and when I’m placed in a new environment (the fridge of whoever bought the brinjal), I feel like DEATH, that’s why the brinjal is being roasted by the other contents in the fridge :p

2. CAT

My love for cats!!!!



For this panel, I made use of the above colour scheme to produce a sort of dreamy and comfortable feeling (that’s what I typed in the search box heh!)

A constant blue colour is seen in all the 3 squares to create a link, however the difference in shades help to show the different environment that the cat is in. For example, the blue in the first panel is balanced with the other colours to create a more warm and cozy feeling, together with the shade of black, while in the last panel, the blue is brighter feels colder.


Actually, I have no feelings towards starfishes but I had to use it to create a link in the narrative… haha


So my friends and I created an alterego for myself, called Koko.
This panel shows how the starfish (me) “evolves” from a quiet and loner starfish, to an extroverted and noisy star after being around my close friends :-)

In the case of this panel, the main focus of the use of colours would be in the last box, where I tried to match the yellow star with a violet background, since they are complementary colours, in order to create a more aesthetically pleasing outcome. Also, the use of contrast can be seen here again with the play of overlays to make the star (Koko) POP!


I’m a little slow to this craze but I’ve been interested in reading Harry Potter recently, and I chose it as my subject matter because it is one of the few books that I’ve ever voluntarily read!  (Hence it will link to my narrative (below))


So the torn and tattered HP book represents me, and I love alone time, so having my own time makes me feel like I’m being brought to another world (a.k.a my own world).

The book takes a journey to its own world on the Hogwarts Express, and on the last panel, the book is seen being as good as new, being a wizard, which is obviously impossible in the real world, but since it’s in its own world, it can! :-)


As this panel is linked to a fairytale-like/magical narrative, I made use of the above colour scheme in the square with the train to express this quality!


Firstly, one of the challenging parts for me was to think of the 4 different narratives as they had to be in the viewpoint of the subject matter/character, rather than just fitting a human’s actions/reactions into the object.

NEXT, I think that my takeaways & difficulties from this project actually intercept with each other. This was the first time that I’ve tried illustrating with this many different objects and at different angles, and the play with light/contrast as my main “colour” scheme required me to get the shadows/highlights of the objects at the right angles. However NOW I’m more familiar with this and its a great takeaway!!! :-)

Also, having to rush this within a week was really stressful but I’m glad I was able to complete it. YAY :-)

Forrest Gump – Final Compositions!

I chose my four quotes from the movies above, Juno, Miracle in Cell No. 7, A Walk to Remember, and Mean Girls :-)

Through the selection of these quotes, I realize that even though some of them do not really have an intentional meaning, we’re able to interpret them according to how we would want to, and depict it using our designs!

Here are my final compositions!


Making use of the quote, I used dolls to represent the ‘babies’, with earpieces ‘inserted’ into the babies to represent them as iPods; and guns, literally.

The circular motion of the babies was to depict how they would actually fly out if they really had been shot out of guns. Also, i decided to continue the rhythm by making the entire composition seem to follow a certain curved direction.

The splash of paint/liquid at the base is to show the impact of the gunshot, and it also serves as a ‘shadow’ for the other elements.

I tried to differentiate the intensity of the different elements, i.e. the Guns being the darkest while the splash being lighter to not only provide a contrast, but also to place the gun as a dominant factor, since everything starts from there.


Instead of making use of ships, I tried to make depict the weight of a sunken ship using anchors, (something like a symbol of sinking), attached to numerous gold chains, as if dragging them down. The use of these chains also provides a movement towards the ear.

The idea of having interest in someone makes me think of trying to understand and listen to that someone, thus I decided to make it seem as if the anchors and chains are sinking into the ear.

The black starry background allows me to create a greater contrast between it and the subject matters, and also sets the mood for the quote, as if in one’s own world.

For this quote, I decided to put in some elements that would link to the sense of touch/feeling. i.e. the most obvious ones would be warmth/coolness, hence the waves and flames that are connected.

The reason for these two elements are also because I feel that they encompass a similar rhythm that wind would give as well. Hence, ironically, while the quote suggests of something that we cannot see, although I used the waves and fire (that can be seen), I would want the audience to focus more on the sense of feeling that they would get when they see these visuals.

I made use of a girl that has seemingly plunged into the waters to express her excitement of feeling this Love, and also the use of doves to symbolize Love itself.


I made use of locks and chains to form an afro of a woman, as a symbol for secrets, something that should be locked away and not be told/shown to anyone.

The hair takes up a huge amount of space of the composition due to the quote itself, and I added tape around it to somewhat secure the hair in place. The tapes are made to be of a lighter shade to create a greater contrast between the hair and the tape.

Lastly, the vines at the jaw area of the woman’s face not only helps to complete the visual of her face but it also expresses the idea of one being entangled due to these  secrets. Also, i decided to make all the different elements of this composition of different effects to create different textures throughout.

Throughout this project, firstly, I’ve really learnt more about Photoshop and I’m really glad about that :-)

Also, I think that one of the main takeaways would be the thought and ideation process? I feel that one of my greatest challenge was to come up with a composition that was not literal, but could still depict what the quote meant, and could also show my own interpretation of the quote.

This project also helped me to understand more about the principles of design, on how to arrange the different elements that would, sort of provide an answer.

I also learnt that not everyone would design things the same way, and how sometimes using something aesthetically pleasing (e.g. symmetrical, or the use of very pretty images) may not serve the purpose of this assignment :-)

Silkscreen Printing!

For the past 2 Tuesdays, we have been working on our silkscreens in order to print our designs and it was a really fun experience!!! :-)

Didn’t manage to snap pictures of the initial coating and drying processes, but took some of when we actually printed our designs onto our totes :-)

img_9230My screen after drying/washing. Taped the sides to cover up the holes :-)

Attempts on newsprint!
img_9245 img_9247 img_9251 osspicture2…Which came out a little inky hahaha

Attempt on the actual tote!

Applied adhesive to a board to insert into the tote, and flattened the creases to print.

img_9293 img_9300 img_9301

Final product!

Was a little disappointed because it didn’t come out as cleanly as I’d like it to :-(
Also the half tone made the prints less obvious so some of the details were a little lighter than expected. Nevertheless it was still a fun process ^_^

My Line is Emo – Final!

We’ve come to the end of Project 1 and theeeeeese are the lines I’ve chosen for the emotions I’ve picked ^_^


I thought of infatuation as a rather short-term and sudden emotion, hence the pattern slightly humps in the middle with more intensity, and fades off at the ends.
I dabbed ink with my fingers in a rhythmic manner to symbolize heartbeats; As if one’s heart beats faster and harder when infatuated.

Longing reminded me of reaching out for something almost unobtainable, hence I made the lines really airy and light, to show a faint feeling.

I’d like to link care/being caring to warmth, and the use of curved lines helps to encapsulate this ‘heat’, where it also darkens in the core of the strip of paper.

I translated the emotion of annoyance using the amount pressure I would put on a pen when I feel ticked off, but instead of a pen, I used a penknife, so that the scratch marks can be seen on the strip. Also, I used a thicker piece of material, and in black, to ensure that the scratches look more obvious.

In the case of mark making for bitterness, I decided to focus more on the action, whereby I simply dipped a brush into diluted ink and splattered it onto the paper. This gave a mark that helped to portray a sense of dislike; as if something was thrown away in disappointment and offence.

I tried to create drawings of many eye-like figures that look towards different directions; As if they were looking at one another in envy!

Glumness links to sadness which made me think of tears!

I tried to portray rejection as a bigger force going against a smaller one.

Used a sharp object to create these lines, to portray lines that look like cuts, but also adding a bit of smudge to make it seem more real. This helps to show the feeling of pain which is in line with the emotion suffering!

Took the emotion of Pride with a positive connotation rather than a negative one, and made the middle single pointed shape taller than the rest to show a sense of victory and achievement, while the rest are lower and the ones at the end are a little messier, with the thickness gradually increasing at the ends.

Relief gives a sense of relaxation, assurance and ease. I produced wave-like patterns to depict and symbolize the rhythmic nature of waves that would help to calm us down.

Just like grass that reach out to grow, these lines show the same idea; Also, as they pan lightly and jumpy, this depicts a positive and happy feeling.

The lines are anxious and messy, moving in a direction against one another – Just like how one would feel in a state of panic.

Hysteria actually makes me think of people who are trapped in an enclosed space, trying to get out – to the point that they start to struggle with themselves, and hence i decided to use my own fingers to put myself in that position, depicting an extremely anxious motion, with no specific direction.

I automatically squirm and close myself up as I think of the word uneasiness. The feeling of uneasiness goes hand-in-hand with discomfort, so I decided to make the lines here do that too (the action and movement, that is.)

The idea of shock comes as a short and sudden expression, hence I make jumps of these patches in the midst of low lying patches.

I feel like amazement is a continuous emotion felt within the given “time”, hence the base of this line show enthusiastic and eager lines. However, it also encompasses the idea of sudden “WOW” moments, thus, I added in the extra paint lines to portray that.

Although the emotion ‘startled’ is something sudden, I feel that the feeling would still linger on after the moment, hence I made use of repetitive (but gradual) pattern.

I guess I’ve learnt that there are really endless possibilities to what we can do with lines, and lines actually speak so much more than I thought. Although it’s a pity that I had not ventured as much as I wanted to, I still enjoyed this project fairly much :-)

The end!