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Final project!!!

This project focuses on ourselves and how we would react in given situations/scenarios, so I felt the first step to do was to list down my personality traits and some of the things that I like and dislike.




And the conclusion is that…


So I thought of ideas that would link to an introvert’s worries


And also, chose digital illustration for my medium!

+ The 4 subject matters I chose that I felt best represented me (because these are some of my favourite things!)


I believe that brinjal is my favourite vegetable hahaha and so I decided to use it.


COLOUR: For all of my colour schemes, rather than changing the colours of objects I have, I focused more on appropriating the tone/shades :-)

I made use of translucent overlays and background to produce a suitable ambience & atmosphere for the situation, and it also helped to create a contrast, allowing the subject matter to stand out more.  (i.e. Icon 3). Across the panel, it also helped to create a gradual transition in how my character feels in the situation.

So the brinjal represents me (in the supermarket), and when I’m placed in a new environment (the fridge of whoever bought the brinjal), I feel like DEATH, that’s why the brinjal is being roasted by the other contents in the fridge :p

2. CAT

My love for cats!!!!



For this panel, I made use of the above colour scheme to produce a sort of dreamy and comfortable feeling (that’s what I typed in the search box heh!)

A constant blue colour is seen in all the 3 squares to create a link, however the difference in shades help to show the different environment that the cat is in. For example, the blue in the first panel is balanced with the other colours to create a more warm and cozy feeling, together with the shade of black, while in the last panel, the blue is brighter feels colder.


Actually, I have no feelings towards starfishes but I had to use it to create a link in the narrative… haha


So my friends and I created an alterego for myself, called Koko.
This panel shows how the starfish (me) “evolves” from a quiet and loner starfish, to an extroverted and noisy star after being around my close friends :-)

In the case of this panel, the main focus of the use of colours would be in the last box, where I tried to match the yellow star with a violet background, since they are complementary colours, in order to create a more aesthetically pleasing outcome. Also, the use of contrast can be seen here again with the play of overlays to make the star (Koko) POP!


I’m a little slow to this craze but I’ve been interested in reading Harry Potter recently, and I chose it as my subject matter because it is one of the few books that I’ve ever voluntarily read!  (Hence it will link to my narrative (below))


So the torn and tattered HP book represents me, and I love alone time, so having my own time makes me feel like I’m being brought to another world (a.k.a my own world).

The book takes a journey to its own world on the Hogwarts Express, and on the last panel, the book is seen being as good as new, being a wizard, which is obviously impossible in the real world, but since it’s in its own world, it can! :-)


As this panel is linked to a fairytale-like/magical narrative, I made use of the above colour scheme in the square with the train to express this quality!


Firstly, one of the challenging parts for me was to think of the 4 different narratives as they had to be in the viewpoint of the subject matter/character, rather than just fitting a human’s actions/reactions into the object.

NEXT, I think that my takeaways & difficulties from this project actually intercept with each other. This was the first time that I’ve tried illustrating with this many different objects and at different angles, and the play with light/contrast as my main “colour” scheme required me to get the shadows/highlights of the objects at the right angles. However NOW I’m more familiar with this and its a great takeaway!!! :-)

Also, having to rush this within a week was really stressful but I’m glad I was able to complete it. YAY :-)