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Silkscreen Printing!

For the past 2 Tuesdays, we have been working on our silkscreens in order to print our designs and it was a really fun experience!!! :-)

Didn’t manage to snap pictures of the initial coating and drying processes, but took some of when we actually printed our designs onto our totes :-)

img_9230My screen after drying/washing. Taped the sides to cover up the holes :-)

Attempts on newsprint!
img_9245 img_9247 img_9251 osspicture2…Which came out a little inky hahaha

Attempt on the actual tote!

Applied adhesive to a board to insert into the tote, and flattened the creases to print.

img_9293 img_9300 img_9301

Final product!

Was a little disappointed because it didn’t come out as cleanly as I’d like it to :-(
Also the half tone made the prints less obvious so some of the details were a little lighter than expected. Nevertheless it was still a fun process ^_^