How To make a Language

I was inspired by the fictional languages shown in Avatar , Game of Thrones and lord of the Rings. These languages have been developed extensively, some over the years while others over a span of months, but non the less it is amazing to see their cult following. [ I literally have friends that can ‘speak’ and communicate in elf]  So this made me think, what if I developed my own language? I managed to find this on instructables.

For languages, linguist have traditionally focused on :
-Word Creation

All these languages actually back up the worlds that they were created for. Made them so much more real to their viewers. These are some of the successful fictional worlds .

I really like the idea of developing a storyline that is similar to an animation story boarding / script writing. I think it is good to balance fiction and fact in this dictionary.

This is a link for fictional language that we can really learn and communicate with. That’s pretty cool!



it makes sense that I focus on making a ‘legend’ and link in a visual language. I was inspired by the idea of a codex and glyphs. Here are some research I have done for my symbol developing.

Below are some examples of fictional alphabets – Functions the same way as the English language and can be used as a typeface. 

Ancient Symbols by *monstee on deviantART:

Also the usage of glyphs to convey meaning is interesting because that too can be translated.

glyphs tattoo designs                                                                                                                                     tattoos:

Alchemy is also vastly interesting on its on. It is similar to my idea but rather in a Celtic  fashion .

The alchemical table of symbols: