[ Hostile Architecture ] An issue in Singapore?



The issue is direct , Singapore’s Kampong Spirit is dying. The social construct is conservative to the point, neighbours are no longer considered important to sustain each other. Unlike in the past [during the kampong days] , neighbours relied heavily on each other for daily providence [ borrowing food and money] to baby sitting and running errands.

In came the HDB and there is evidence that trust has been lost over the years. I myself do not know my neighbours yet alone trust them.

However the open concept of kampong houses has been replaced by closed metal gates. This is physiologically influencing neighbours to keep a distance from each other.

But one thing is certain , as a child, I had the privileged to run in voidecks , which had walls that were nails free. Playing in open spaces that allowed me and the children in my neighbourhood to run free and play traditional games like ‘ Water and ice’ , ‘ Police and Theif’ , ‘Twist!’ , ‘ Hop scotch’ just to name a few.

And often where there were children , there would be elderly. Sitting around for a chit chat  or playing chess at the facility provided.

These spaces were planned for a purpose. They were planned for interaction due to proximity. But also, they were a reflection of the culture of friendship.

But I was also in the generation that saw the changes implemented by the government with regard to these space.

Imagine, going down as a kid to play soccer and seeing the constructions lathering the walls with cement and placing the nails one by one.

BUT … Is it fair to blame the lack of kampong spirit on hostile architecture alone? 

lol,  I don’t think so. Its the same as blaming a smoker for the world’s air pollution. Outrageous.

There are so many other factors such as a change in interest , an increase of technologically savvy children. Such that no child would want to play at the void deck but rather play fifa on their xbox.

But hostile architecture still plays a heavy contributor to this issue. Given that Singapore has such little land and spatial constraints and an increasingly alarming culture of diverting confrontation, it does not make sense that they would barricade and lesson the function of a space that is necessary, not only for interaction but also so the physical support of the building itself. Legit. Period. 

I mean its already there right, why not use it to the fullest potential.



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