A short documentary I put together for practise. Stories are everywhere,so  I might as well kill 2 birds with one stone.  I’m still in the midst of setting it up the context and subtitle for this film!

In Singapore , it is common for the locals to have “maids” and unlike a term overseas , being labelled a maid is not an offensive term here. Usually , we call them by their names. But in my case , I called my maid “Kakak” as in ‘older sister’ in Malay. Calling her so meant that I respected her because it is in chinese culture to not call someone older by name.

Maids in Singapore usually stay long years caring and helping out with the household , mostly because both parents are working. Here’s the story of one maid in particular whom I love dearly.

I guess the main reason I want to do this is to tribute something to her. Here’s hoping she may lead a great life ahead.

Kakak Siti came when she was 23, and left our household when I was 23.

I will continue to edit this film after , so feedback will be great!

One thought on “KAKAK”

  1. Hi Rachel, this is a good start, very emotional and quite charming.  It needs a couple of more passes, and probably some additional shots to make it work more strongly.  Do get some exterior and interior establishers of the place you live.  Nicely composed still shots.   Let’s discuss in class regarding how to improve the balance between your visuals and her interview.  Well done!  Best wishes, Paul.

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