Uncluttering – 2 -Shadow play-

“Shadows are always on a 2-dimensional plane, but are formed cause of a 3-dimensional form.  “

I had the idea to play around with shadows along a 2-Dimensional plane to form lines for the Project. I had a few ideas right off the bat, but I did some research to further push my initial ideas.

Artist: Kumi Yamashita


shadow 2 shadow 1 shadows 3


After some research, I found Kumi Yamashita’s work. I was so blown away that I was determined to play with shadows. Of course not to the extent of how she so expertly and intricately does it, but perhaps to my own style.

I documented the process of my trials in the series of pictures.

IMAG1205i worked with simple post it notes first, forming a line of shadows while the post it notes weren’t in a line themselves.

i proceeded then to cutting out shapes and bending them out of their original plane to create abstract shadows. in this case, the spikes cast a wide array of shadows as the light hits it from above.
i moved on to more complicated shapes like arches that cast oblong shadows depending on where the torchlight is shining from.IMAG1234

lastly, i played around more with the composition and added subjects into the shadows.

Currently i am still in the midst of exploring this aspect of playing with shadows, hopefully ill be able to form a solid idea soon


and use my new gained knowledge on to further projects in the future.




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