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4D Assignment 2

We decided to use the curry murder as our parallel storyline. This is an amalgamation of the genres each of us hope to explore — psycho thriller and familial relationships. Furthermore, a murder scene AND a cooking scene were  potential scenes for us to explore sounds with footage.

Chronologically, the curry cooking happened after the murder. However, we decided to condense both events together to narrate the parallel storyline.


The plan initially was to liken the action of cooking to the murder scenes – eg stabbing of victim could be liken to pounding with a mortar. However, there was limitation with props and space and we did away with the idea.

Instead, I distinguish the 2 storyline via visuals -murder scenes are darker while the cooking scenes are brighter. The murder scenes are darker while the cooking scenes are brighter.This was referenced from The Dark Room (2010) by Eric Z. Yang

While both storylines have very similar visuals -largely photographs – red lighting in the dark room and florescent lighting in a modern lab helps viewers to differentiate the 2 different context.

After editing the main storyline, I decided to add in an opening sequence as an introduction. (I got the idea from this video but it got removed D:) I used the similar opening sequence from Momento where the visuals were all reversed. I want to show that the bowl of curry is the main focus of the video and the making of the curry was uncanny.

From the pervious lecture, I have learnt the effect of digetic and non-digetic sound (bg music) in films. This was something fresh for me because being musically-challenged, I had never paid close attention to sound in films besides some really good soundtracks.

Here is our final video: