Festival de Málaga
Published Oct 2011
Client: Festival de Málaga


This poster is an event for a film festival and elicit a vibrant community of people. This is one of my all-time favourite posters because the images speak very strongly. Even thought I do not understand the Spanish title, I know that this event welcomes people of all walks of life. It takes on an interesting bird’s POV perspective and used vibrant colours to depict the celebratory event. The name of event is also well-placed as a visual metaphor of the event which attract crowds. In all, this poster had effectively transcends language barriers images and clever placement.

1B) Develop Slogan and Moodboard

My initial mindmap of slogans

After the sharing session in class, my final slogan is ‘Doses of Fun with Art’.
It was evolved from ‘Art Heals’ –> A Dose of Art a Day Keep the Doctor Away –> Doses of Fun with Art

The keywords are ‘Doses of Fun’