Hello Excercise

Final 3 Name Tag Designs:

Name Tag #1

This design was based on my love for drawing animals. Due to time constraint, I didn’t get to further develop. It’s rather raw.nametag1final2

Name Tag #2
This design was based on my identity as a Singaporean-Chinese (or is it Chinese-Singaporean?) As a Chinese, we practice Asian values at home however sometimes our society has very Western norms. Hence, I decided to use my hanyupin name as it is an accurate pronunciation of my Chinese name but uses English alphabets (and coincidentally the same spelling as my official English name.)

The batik design was inspiration from the Kebaya worn by SIA air stewardess. It is also often represented as our national costume.


This was the initial sketch. I even got my name spelled wrongly *facepalm*


I decided to remove the blue background to allow my name to visually stand out.

Name Tag #3

For this design, it was done on masking tape as an ‘opposition’ to the assignment brief. When I read the first line of the assignment, it said we would receive such sticker name tags during social gatherings. However, we don’t have such practice in Singapore. Instead, it’s usually just a masking tape.


As an ENTP personality type, I’m quite a debater. I tend to question everything and take up debates at all times. ( I tend to overthink a lot too. A LOT.)