in Process, Project 1: Research and Development

Project 1: Translating & Exploring Design

Thumbnail Sketches 1

This worksheet helps to break down our design process and critically consider different types of possibility. After completing it, I narrowed down to 3 imageries that best reflects the identity of Art-on-the-Move Programme:

1. Positivity – pocket + craft material

2. Fun – bed

3. Transformation – friends/companian

While all of these sketches are supposed to reflect the identity of the programme, these 3 icons encapsulate the most important aspect of the programme.

Referring to my previous post, my choosen concept: Community Arts Programme just by your bedside!

Among my preferred icons, I work the positivity-craft material. I break down the icon into 5 different aspect and did 3-4 alternative icons for each such that I could reference them while developing my sketch.

Looking at my current progress, I feel that it lacks the element of bedside/patient/hospital. I’m working on that now.