Curating Self: BTS

‘The Things that Matters’ :

This post card was a reminder of the summer vacation I spent with my cousins this year. As we live on the opposite ends of the world, we cherish every opportunity we get to meet up.

I wanted to capture the times I reminisce whenever I stared at the post card during post-vacation. Hence, I decided to reference Wes Anderson’s retro colour palette.


Also, I’ve explored different body language and vantage points to integrate myself into the story of the object. I think the first few shots were successful in evoking emotions but not the right one I was looking for in my photo story. The use of silhouettes seems ominous. I looked like I’m fussing over some unpaid bill than reading a happy postcard.Capture3

The last photo, where the background was strongly lit against my subject matter, evokes a happier note as I read the happy note (oh bad pun!). After all, who sends sad messages on postcards?

‘The Place that Matters’ :

Among the places I had in mind, I’ve decided that the serenity of the yacht club was the most fascinating to me. The rhythmic crashing of waves, the bobbling yachts at the dock and the whiff of briny air is a breakaway from my daily cosmopolitan life.

Hiroshi Sugimoto’s seascapes series photos were the type of quality I was trying to capture. However, due to nature’s restrictions and my lack of capabilities, my images weren’t as powerful as his. Mine seems like cliche tourists shots.

Hiroshi Sugimoto Landscape 005 1989 Gelatin silver print 47 x 83 inches © 2012 Hiroshi Sugimoto

Time Exposed: #367 Black Sea, Inebolu , Hiroshi Sugimoto, 1991, print



IMG_8781 IMG_8784

Hence, I decided to try a different approach to capture the sea-view. And this time round, I was much luckier.
IMG_8680 IMG_8683

Being a yacht club, the yachts were one of the main subject matters I would capture and work on (derh!). While the yachts varied in forms, they were parked neatly in their respective docks. This creates an interesting visual as the mast of the boats converges to form a one-point perspective. The first few attempts weren’t as satisfying due to unbalanced composition and poor framing.

IMG_8659 IMG_8666

And finally, efforts were paid off when I managed to capture the post-sunset shot!

This photo is greatly influence by one of my favourite photographer, Andreas Gursky.

F1 Boxenstopp I, C-print, 88 5/8 x 239 3/8 inches, 2007

F1 Boxenstopp I, C-print, 88 5/8 x 239 3/8 inches, 2007

Gursky’s photos often reflect order among chaos. While his subject matter is not deliberately placed in precise positions, his photos turns out to be very controlled in composition and lighting.

Lastly, the photo of the walkway at the dock was to bind the 2 previous photos and form a complete photo story of my sentiments on the yacht club.

IMG_8798…… and then I went home after a loooooooooong day.

Thanks for reading this loooooooooong post.

Curating Self II:

The Place that Matters

IMG_8683 IMG_8798 IMG_8822

The rhythmic crashing of waves, the whiff of briny air and the occasional egrets that glides across evening sky is my kind of perfect way to end the day. Its serenity and calmness is a much needed break from the hectic cosmopolitan life.

To read more about the work process, click here.

Curating Self I:

The Things that Matter

1.1 1.3 5.1We spent our first summer vacations together for the first time this year. To do everything we missed out in the last 8 years within 1.5 month is simply too short. Thankfully for the photos we had taken and the postcards sent, I can easily reminisce on those time we spent together. Looking forward for our next meet up!

–Your Cousin