4D Assignment 2


A paper being comes into creation. This is the beginning of his journey into a new world.


A paper man comes alive and realises he is alone in this new world. However he finds a pen which is a means of creating another paper being.

He tries to click open the pen but fails in all of his attempts. While attempting to open it for the last time the pen slips off his hands and falls off the table. He jumps for the pen.

He falls with the pen and blacks out on the floor.

Miraculously he wakes up finding that the pen has somehow clicked open after falling from the table.

He draws another being, ending this chapter of his journey in this new world.


  1. Hey Hsinwei!

    What an amazing and creative concept you have there!
    I really enjoyed the video and find it interesting.
    You may like to further develop this story because i can see a sequel forming, such as the main character with the ‘girl’ and what happen to the rejected drawings after that?

    Anyway, great job! Awesome!
    Looking forward to your future projects.

    – Eugene

  2. Hi Hsin Wei! Even though your character was made out of paper, I felt that he was made out of strong substance! *thumbs up* Instead of moping around, I like that he is determined to draw another person to create a companion for himself! “Character drives story structure”, and your character really made me root for him. (:

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