The lamb was sure to go

the lamb was sure to go

For the English nursery rhyme, i decided to settle on Mary had a little lamb, focusing on the lines “everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go”. I chose this because the thought was hilarious in a ridiculous way. So i wanted to bring that kind of ridiculousness out in my visual.

I started off by bringing forward the image of the sun compass from my previous halftone idea because the compass symbolises direction and the sun shows that its…sunny. Then I read the rhyme and thought oh ya…the setting of the rhyme is in a school. So i decided to put two teacher figures at the sides because i thought it would be hilarious to set a contrast between the lamb and the figure of authority.

To further express the sense of ridiculousness I decided to put in a few of the seven wonders of the world to exaggerate “everywhere that Mary went” which I thought was really funny. Then to add to that ridiculousness, I enlarged the head of the lamb because I remember how from the previous assignment, I found that enlarging spontaneous images can make things look more nonsensical and i thought…lol, this is pretty retarded…which is good!

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