2D Rhyme: Mary had a Little Lamb


My rhyme is on Mary had a Little Lamb, focusing on the line “Everywhere that Mary went, the Lamb was sure to go”

My compositions were generally inspired by Hannah Hoch and the idea of Dadaism. I will not put all my details here because i would rather keep it for the presentation. But i will tell you briefly about what the compositions are about.

finding lamb

The composition of monuments here is an exaggeration of “everywhere that Mary went”. And the lamb is somewhere in the composition… to show how the lamb is everywhere Mary is.
Mary evolutionThis composition inspired by one of JunYuan’s dingbats which shows how even in evolution, the lamb is following Mary… or is the lamb a part of Mary?…hmmm

world mary

And even in the destruction of the earth, the lamb is there with Mary in space.
mary eating

Finally, being so annoyed by the lamb (and being extremely hungry from travelling), Mary has a little lamb. Which gives a double meaning to how wherever that Mary went, “the lamb was sure to go”.


Overall the compositions are meant to be ridiculous to express the ridiculousness in the rhyme. Following the concept of Dadaism, they’re not meant to make solid sense. They’re meant to make you laugh so i hope you had a good one. Cheers.

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