Pushed Away – Official Movie Trailer


Pushed Away

Genre: Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller

Team: Nicholas Makoto, Andrew, Jordan, Hsin Wei


John is a recluse. He spends his days in his room entertaining himself with his electronic devices in the dark. Being only interested in things that don’t require social interaction, he gets annoyed with people, even at his roommate who is one of the only people who actually shows care and concern towards him.

One night, as John sits down at a curb to drink, he is approached by a mysterious man who claims to have a solution to his greatest annoyance. The mysterious man presents John with a device that makes people turn away at a click. Seeing that the device is effective, John uses the device often to get the personal space that he wants.

John is walking back to his room one night and his roommate approaches him along the road. They get into an argument and John uses the device to chase his roommate away. His roommate turns and crosses road, oblivious to a car approaching. John reaches out to pull him back, but it is too late. As he kneels tugging at the lifeless hand of his roommate’s corpse, the mysterious man appears behind them, smiling to himself.

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