Ego Reflections

I have some thoughts in my mind after Joy’s comment on my OSS update and would like to write it here as a record of my reflection.

After Joy’s comment on my progress, I went to read up on “divine” entities and philosophies on divine illuminations. I also looked at the theory of golden proportions. I’m a little upset that i didn’t get to this earlier because I don’t think I can change much of the presentation format that I’ve planned for my work to be in. But time is as such and I will do with what I have. I will continue reading about this to know more before using it for my works. But reading up a bit on philosophies about the divine and about light, it has given me more perspectives to my work.


What is “real”, I can never see for myself. No one can see what real really is because reality just exists for us to be in it. Just as how as human beings, we cannot know everything because our senses are limited to what we are able to smell and see and hear… I can only witness what happens around me and that is my reality. Reflecting on myself, this reality that i witness does go against my heart most of the time and that is what I struggle with. And while i struggle with this, reality continues to run. Reality to me, is what Nature sets it out to be. Not that Nature has intentions and gives a fate to how things happen, but “fate” is what Nature is. I am only witnessing the happenings of Nature. Even in human systems, everything is derived from the purest form of what reality is and that is Nature.

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