Hearing the sounds of the drums, I saw a sphere. I am not sure what this sphere was but I do know that surrounding this sphere was warmth to me. Entities moving behind this sphere were warm and they somehow formed a greenish colour as they passed. What I do know for sure is that all this was a vision of Nature.
In this painting, I worked on the colours red, blue and yellow; primary colours that form a triadic colour relationship. I felt that that effectively expressed the vision of Nature that I had. As they swirl and merge and as I work on them, some of these colours turn to green or a brown that worked with an amber brown that I also picked to express Nature. I wasn’t aware of this at first but subconsciously I found myself working in dimensions where there being a background of darker shapes and a foreground of kinetic lines. I suspect that this might have naturally come onto the canvas as I was trying to express the strong impressions that I got from the sounds of the drums that might’ve been a kind of dimensional vision.