Micro Project 7 ~ Video Selfie

The alter ego that I have chosen to be for this microproject is an artist who is also a traveller, one who travels to gain inspiration.

Through the depicted journey in this video, I develop a deeper relationship with the location I am in as time progress. This is shown through the intervals of me removing my shoes, socks and lastly walking barefooted. I also decided to add a black and white filter to anonymise the location, allowing it to be anywhere imagined.

How can the video selfie be used to alter identity?

When something is being filmed, chances are that people normally put up a front for the camera in order to be perceived in a different light. When given the freedom to decide what goes into the video, we have the opportunity to curate our identity in a way that is more difficult to do in person.

How might video be used to conceal identity?

When it comes to watching a video of a person, I’ve always thought that it was almost impossible to figure out / conclude one’s true identity. Physically, the editing and framing of the video could conceal a person’s voice, face or body part and hence not allow audiences to understand the full truth.

How do the objects that surround you contribute to your sense of identity?

Aside from the spontaneous route that I took throughout the video, one of the things that I thought of including was a location with a wider variety of textures on the ground. It contributes to the sense of identity that I am open to exploring a range of places not specifically cities or rural areas.