manifesto – written

Physical copy – in folder.

Content of the manifesto:

Design to me is a constant development of styles that marks each era with its own characteristics. Design has physically created and built our current world; from the design of toothbrushes that we use daily to the homes that we live in. To this day, many various forms of design including all that we have learnt this semester, interactive media, visual communication and product design, have proven to serve society with a purpose to progress and improve constantly.

good design to me is something that has a purpose and is designed for its purpose. it is smartly thought out for its function whilst possibly encompassing an aesthetic exterior.

but with that being said, designs are also very subjective to every individual. a design which I may deem as simple and classic could be thought as boring to someone else. but that is the beauty of design. the presence of its variety caters choice and options for everyone to express themselves in their own unique way.

  1. continue designing for a purpose
  2. continue designing for our future
  3. continue designing to improve
  4. continue designing to fulfil our desires
  5. continue designing because we want to

Moving forward, think we need to continue whatever mankind has been doing to further develop this world into a place we enjoy living in.