in Exercise

Exercise 1 : Scale and Framing

For this exercise, I took images of Daphne at different locations in the school. We were to consider which attributes about our partner we found most interesting and convey it through different framing angle and shot scale. Out of the many shots, these are the 3 that I choose!

The first two images were taken in a stairway at level B1 but I kind of cheated for the last one as it was taken outdoors. I really wanted to include a close-up shot and the only one that was captured nicely with nice lighting was the last image.

    1. Long shot 

After learning more about Daphne after the first 4D project where she spoke about how she tends to be a rather private person, I felt like the space between me as the photographer and her in the first image shows the distance between her and the viewer before she opens up to them.

    1. Medium shot 

The second picture captures an image of Daphne’s smile which portrays a bubbly side of her personality that the viewer would get to know as they become closer to her.

    1. Extreme close up

Lastly, this shot of her close up face and shoulder conveys a more developed relationship that the viewer has with her.