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Locale ~ Final (Zine)


Art direction:

  • working with scans and edits
  • compositional arrangements in relation to the sound of the place
  • progression of time throughout the day with the use of colours
  • something representative in each spread to give context

Front and back cover

The background colours on the front and back cover ties in with the first and last spread while the colours included in general are all present throughout the zine. The entry and exit of a journey through my zine is represented with the entry and exit of a gachapon machine since I spotted them along Haji Lane.  Some textured scans of the machine itself are included in the front cover. 

First spread

The first spread is dedicated to the cafes along Haji Lane. With the pie scans being the main subject of this spread, it’s clustered arrangement resembles the sounds of chitter chatter and cutleries on plates in the cafes. The overlapping and rectangular framing of the pie scans also conveys the placing of plates. Incorporating the calm and beautiful exterior of this cafe, the plain yellow border represents that. Textures from napkins are also overlayed in this spread and the warm tones help to link to the next spread.

Middle spread

Targeted to express the boutiques along Haji Lane, this spread contains various forms of hand-made packagings from the shops. Replacing barcodes and commercial packaging, there is a presence of organic forms such as stamps, brown paper bags and handwritten price tags. This organicness is contrasted with the typed text “handmade, handpainted”. Compositionally, this spread holds a neater arrangement to mimic the calmness in the shops. The overlay of the scanned bag also conveys the crinkling of plastic sounds.  

Last Spread

Lastly, to end off the night, this spread expresses the nightlife at bars. The visual soundscape of the street at night overlaps with the double yellow lines. Amongst the soundscape is abstract block colours that have been extracted from raw images taken during the night which also represent the murals there. The 2 overlapping areas between the lines and the double yellow line represent two main parts of the street where bar seatings spill out onto the road. On the right is an abstract layout of barstools in the arrangement of the bar menu.