Assignment 1 Final

Assignment 1 Final


A conversational piece 


Before we begin my final product, my process was in my previous post awhile back. Alright! For this project we have to create a conversational piece compiling our projects which will lead to our portfolio. I have a website of mown so I really want this conversational piece to be a vessel to allow the audience to look at it and then go to my website for more informations. I chose to create a swatch box of my works. One swatch is a project, and inside the swatch, will be images of the projects and a description. From my process, the word that I came to was “eccentric”, in the beginning, I wanted to create a textbook portfolio with doodles inside the book but I did not go with this idea mainly because it is very restricting and it does not represent my personality 100%. So I went with this swatchbook idea instead.



So as you can see, I really wanted to recreate a swatchbook to represent myself. I used a red acrylic box to create the box which holds every projects together. I cute the acrylic sheets myself, and why I used the red color and not pink was because the red box cancel out the pink text on the spine of each swatch books. The pink box did not, I think that this is more surprising when the audience open the box. Another level of surprise is the swatchbook itself, it is printed onto a holographic paper. The reason why I did this was because one of my main strength is using bright neon colors, and I use them really well (especially pink neon colors). 


Of course I am not a dummy and just made my box out of no where, I made mock ups. This mock up helped me with the how thick I should make my swtahcbooks. The thickness of the papers, and the thickness of the acrylic sheets. I always think that mockups are super important.



Overall, I think this project was good because it reminds us of why we are designing and what we are designing for. In ADM, we are always producing works but sometimes we don’t get a chance to step back and look at ourselves as designers and what we stand for or what we like to create. So I really appreciate this project.

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