Category: DA9012 Media Art Nexus 2018/19 Sem 2

Week 12 Progress

Birth Progress I’m so close to becoming conscious   As mentioned on my last posts, I completed 1 min 30 second, but I couldn’t test on the wall because I rendered a 6.6GB .mov… SO, this week’s first order of business was to figure out how to render a smaller file and still retaining the quality. So before I get… Read more →

Week 11 Progress

Birth Progress After the 1st minute   As mentioned on my last posts, I have completed the first minute of my video, however, there’s still some details to work on. I wouldn’t be touching up my first minute anytime soon, as I want to complete the last 1 minute of my video first. Once I finished all 2 minutes 15… Read more →

Week 9 Process

Birth Progress Workspace   From last week’s presentation, my goal for week 8 was to have my first minute done, and I did! For the first minute, the whole wall is supposed to be filled with all the moving and colorful atoms. Before I show the latest draft I wanted to show everyone my working file. Here is my AE… Read more →

Week 8 Process

Birth Progress Concept   Let me refresh everyone with my concept before we talk about the testing on the walls. Humans have 5 senses, sight, smell, hear, touch, and taste. In this universe, there are many things we cannot see, smell, hear, touch and taste. These things are in another dimension. And since we can’t sense these things, are they… Read more →

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