Category: Foundation 4D 1 – G6


I DO (Synopsis)   Act 1   Kate never knew the full details of what Max does professionally as he never told her. All he told her was that he was a ‘government agent’. She just thought that he’s working for the government. She never cared about it. Until the day he proposed to get married to her, she was… Read more →


Daisy Living in the world of darkness, Daisy always miss her old optimistic, fun and happy self when she was with Muffy. Waking up from her nightmare to face the reality that she has no more friend is a the true nightmare. Breakfast, lunch, dinner are just things to do to stay “alive”. Going to work and working in a… Read more →

Picture Story

Story 1: I remember my father always swinging me on the swing as a child. I was always very excited but as I grow up the swing goes slower, and slower, and slower and it eventually stops. If no one pushes me, the swing will not move, unless I push myself! When I was a child, everything was colorful, happy,… Read more →

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