I DO (Synopsis)



Act 1


Kate never knew the full details of what Max does professionally as he never told her. All he told her was that he was a ‘government agent’. She just thought that he’s working for the government. She never cared about it. Until the day he proposed to get married to her, she was excited and said “yes” right away. As the wedding gets closer, Max slowly disappears from Kate’s life.  Not knowing what’s going on, Kate secretly follows Max to find out. To her surprise Kate found out Max is working for a drug dealer and was giving out drugs to his customers.


Act 2

Kate was shocked, she was really scared and didn’t know what to do. Kate called Jennifer and was telling her what happened until she saw Max beating up people, so she froze and dropped her phone. Max heard and ran away. He told his boss what happened and his boss sent Max’s partner to investigate. He found out that it was Kate, so they kidnapped her. Knowing that if they told Max about Kate, Max would sell them out to the police and try to get Kate back. So they had to kill Max. Max came home to a messy house and without Kate, he knew something was wrong. Max asked his boss for help but he refused.

Max’s partner came wanting to kill Max. Max fought back and in the process of fighting, Max saw the bad guy’s face, it was his partner. Shocked but Max needed answers and escaped. He knew it was his boss and his partner who took Kate away from him. Being the bad guy he was unable to call the police and had to do this dirty work by himself. He was determined to get Kate back no matter what. The journey begins.

He reached his boss’s headquarter where Kate is hidden. He had to fight with his partner and his boss to get back Kate. Finally, he saw Kate, all tied up, crying, pale and frightened. His boss was standing there, Max knew he had to fight. They fought long and hard. With Max being in disadvantage, his drive to win back Kate was stronger than ever. Max finally defeated his boss and grab hold of Kate.


Act 3

Kate woke up in a hospital with a note on her bedside. It read:

“Dearest My love,

I’m sorry for everything I have done to you, I was doing it because I love you. I would protect you forever.

I do


Kate starts crying and looked out the window to the sky. Her man is now locked up. She hoped and prayed that everything will be fine and that he is as safe as she is. She will be waiting for him to come home so she can say “I do”.

*Here are some of our shots planning and time management on the day of filming*

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