Week 11 Progress

Birth Progress
After the 1st minute


As mentioned on my last posts, I have completed the first minute of my video, however, there’s still some details to work on. I wouldn’t be touching up my first minute anytime soon, as I want to complete the last 1 minute of my video first. Once I finished all 2 minutes 15 seconds, I will touch up whatever I need to. So, for the past week, I worked on another 30 seconds of the second minute. The BIGGEST MISTAKE I MADE WAS RENDERING A 6.6GB FILE!!!! I almost fainted when I finished rendering. That’s why I didn’t test today even though I made such big progress. I will test maybe this Thursday or next Monday (Sorry Ina), but I have to figure out how to render a smaller file. My video’s biggest problem is: it is done in after effect. I don’t think after effect can handle this many layers of things happening at the same time (or maybe they can but I just don’t know how). I have:


  1. Background
    1. Background gradient
    2. Gradient movement
    3. Background smoke noise
    4. Smoke noise movement
  2. Atoms
    1. Atom movements
    2. Atom evolutions
    3. Atom gradients
    4. Atom noise
  3. Sound


So you can see, I have a lot to animate and so is after effect. I am not surprise it is 6.6GB, but I really need to figure out how to lesser this file. SO! Let’s get to the good part! For the second half of my piece, the atoms starts gaining consciousness and gets bigger and more movements! It took awhile to do it but I got there!



I am super excited now, the atoms are looking so yummy and the color scheme is so colourful! In the beginning I was a little worried because of how the atoms looked, the background was too distracting. So instead of ending the whole piece with grey (as planned during moodpboard period), I will be ending my piece black, plus when I thought about it, ending it white will be too glaring for the people walking by anyways.


Now, even though it looks good, but after I render out the whole thing, I spotted some mistakes, some atoms moved a little too quickly, some popped out of nowhere and some color traditions were not as smooth as it should be. So this will be what I will be working on from now on (plus figuring out how to render smaller). Then, I will start combining all the atoms into even bigger and more movements and more textures. Here is the link to this week’s progress!



Please let me know what you think Ina!

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