Week 12 Progress

Birth Progress
I’m so close to becoming conscious


As mentioned on my last posts, I completed 1 min 30 second, but I couldn’t test on the wall because I rendered a 6.6GB .mov… SO, this week’s first order of business was to figure out how to render a smaller file and still retaining the quality. So before I get into my progress, I’d like to share with everyone how to render smaller file PLUS color correction! When we want to render on after effect, we usually just export in .mov, but what happens when you have a lot of layers and textures? It will render EVERYTHING, however, if we use Media Encoder to render, a lot of unnecessary noises will not be rendered. It will still take the same amount of time to render, 5/6/7 hours, but I promise you, the file will be a lot smaller. Last week, I rendered 1 min 30 sec for 6.6 GB with normal rendering, but this week I used Media Encoder, I rendered 2 min 20 sec for 137.2 MB! It is so much better and the quality is EXACTLY the same! So please don’t worry about the quality! It will be good!



This is where you can find the Media Encoder. Now I just wanted to share about color settings. Because I am using a lot of gradient and all of them are very vibrant colors. There is a setting that we can use to open up our color options even wider. The colors will become more vivid and rich, which some of us may want.



Everyone’s color setting will originally be at 8 bit per channel. But if we bump up the to 32 bit, the colors will be very rich. However, the colors that we choose, we need to make sure it’s not too bright on the media wall. For me, these past few testings have been fine, I had no problems with the colors. The file size will not be effected too, but rendering period will still take awhile, so just plan your rendering time properly.


So now that we got that out of the way, let me show you guys my progress for week 12. I adjusted the mistakes from the week before: some atoms came out of nowhere and some just disappear out of sudden. I fixed almost all of them but there are still some left, so that will be one of the things I will work on this week. I have over 80 atoms, so it is a little hard to manage all of them. Moving on, I also worked on the rest of my visuals, the atoms finally gain their ultimate conscience, and are now ready to rest after working so hard for the universe. They are going back to their original state of birth, it is a cycle.



I really enjoy how everything ties back to the beginning which reflects my concept. How that I have the base done for the whole video, I have a few weeks to work on touching up everything. I will be working on the atom movements, their glow, and the background. I think it’s great that I have a few weeks to touch up the visuals so everything will turn out perfect. I’d also like to work on the ending a lot more, I want to make sure that the ending is not just the atom fading away, I want her to have similar qualities to her appearance in the beginning! Here is the link to this week’s progress! Will update everyone how it looks on the wall when I test it on Monday!



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