Week 9 Process

Birth Progress


From last week’s presentation, my goal for week 8 was to have my first minute done, and I did! For the first minute, the whole wall is supposed to be filled with all the moving and colorful atoms. Before I show the latest draft I wanted to show everyone my working file. Here is my AE workspace. Obviously my computer screen isn’t this long but I just wanted to show the amount of layers there are on my work file. Eventually everything will be PRE COMPOSED so I will have less layers in the end.


What I found very useful is to have the effect adjustments on the left so I can animate the gradients and its movements easily. I work with my preview at “quarter” because there are a lot of layers and noises, gradients, and movements, so it is hard for the computer to preview.


So here are screenshots of this week’s progress.

Loving the colours and the full screen full of atoms! On the wall is very beautiful and vibrant! I am glad it is not too bright! Here is the official draft 4.

I filmed the wall this time with people walking around.


The sound is a little soft because the school tune down the sound a little.

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