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Some of the feedback from my peers included that they liked the  Astrologer and Hypnotist composition, the interesting composition and interactive approach (Hypnotist) of my work, however Mimi mentioned that the major problem of my work is legibility. My initially idea is to take one step further by using destruction method, to rearranging the letters in a way that the audience need to find it and I use portrait instead of landscape orientation, again, its part of my planning, the reason why I use portrait for some of my works is because I feel portrait can better represent my ideas(eg, model, model audition form is in portrait orientation). Moreover, the printing did not turn out so well which affected my final work.

Overall, to be honest I was quite disheartened with my final product for this project. I really thought it could’ve been better if I have consult Mimi about my ideas about legibility and orientation issue before hand.  I feel that my work was not at my best because of the my busy schedule (HOCC and hall committee issues). 🙁 Just a lesson learnt on this day to be kept aside for another, no more assumption, and learn to have a better time management.


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A psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus. This often leads to people assigning human characteristics to objects.

Create a series of photographs of objects or scenery that looks like the 26 letters in the alphabets around ADM. 


Using Illustrator, trace 3 letters from #ispotalphabets to produce a composition. Using Cubism as the basis of understanding the context of this exercise,  the goal is to achieve a graphical style through the flattening of 3D forms into a 2D composition, much like how Picasso and other cubist artist applied in their paintings. Use Colour or black and White.


The Cubist Movement challenged age-old artistic styles and rejected conventional ideas theses artist wanted to revitalised arts so that it would be more in line with a modern age, they would go on to create the first abstract style in morgen arms.  The Cubist movement reacted its creative peak between 1907 to 1914 and it continues to influence artists to this days.

Characteristic of Cubism 

  • Simplified Forms
  • Subject matter is broken up, analysed and reassembled in an abstracted form
  • Limited colour  palette
  • The key concept underlaying cubism is that the essence of an object can only be captured by showing it form multiple points of view simultaneously.



Colour Palette




I actually started with a bunch of different ideas in terms of childhood dream jobs.  The Jobs that I have chosen are Astrologer, Hypnotist, Urban Planner and Model.


I am a horoscope enthusiast, the first thing when I wake up in the morning is to check my horoscope. Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means of divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.

Keywords-# Mystery#Constellation#Passion

Medium– illustration


References Works

I took inspiration of the constellation, which is a group of stars that forms an imaginary outline or pattern on the celestial sphere, typically representing an animal, mythological person or creature, a god, or an inanimate object.

Creation Process

After the share and tell session, my group mates felt that there is lack of texture, and need to highlight the letters more.

For the second draft, I added words description of the of the constellations, and also I hight the letters by adding more layers and hight with confetti.


Hypnosis is most often induced by a hypnotherapist’s verbal guidance, and tools such as a swinging pocket watch to creates a hyper-attentive and hyper-responsive mental state, in which the subject’s subconscious mind is highly open to suggestion.

Keywords-# state of mind #damn cool # swinging pocket watch

Medium– Mix Medium, overlaying technique of illustration and tracing paper.

   References Works


I was inspired by the motion of the swinging pocket watch, it create this overlaying effect.

Creation Process

I created a GIF to show my creation process, basically I choose a Hypnosis line image as the background, and deconstruct  my name LI TONG TONG  in a random position and add different diffused, blurred layers to create the hypnosis effect.

Urban Planner

I’ve always wanted to with a job that  involved with research and plaining as a child, thus I choose landscape design and horticulture back to poly. Urban Planning is just like building a lego to me, you have plan and strategist first before execute it.

Keywords-# planning #logical # plants #once upon a time

Medium– Illustration

References Works

Its very challenging for me as I am not very familiar with digital art, in fact its the first time that I use illustrator to do such a complicate work, so I deiced to take baby steps for this piece.

Creation Process

First, I trace the outline of the letter blocks, and the layout of the composition.

Secondly, add in the details and architectural element inside into the composition. The reason I choose NG is not because my surname is NG, but the dream to become an urban planner is in the past, I tried to find a job for one year but I could not find one due to limited job scopes and my diploma certification ( not 100% relevant to urban planning) 

NG – Next Game (gaming)


I’ve always wanted to be a Model when I was young, probably I was really enjoy the attention that was given by the audience(my parents) when I was posing for a photo. When I was growing up, start to explore the ugly side of the modelling industry, job as a model does not interest me more, so for this piece I want to hight the ugly side of the modelling industry.

Keywords-# attention#ugly # self-esteem #weight

Medium– Photo-typogrpahy

References Works

Creation Process

Important features I had to adopt were the clean cut lines, grids,  and labelling . The Grid background reflected the truth of modelling industry – incredibly boring, rules and regulations, restricted. The text on the top and bottom are using the “formal” font and for the labelling are using the hand written fonts, I thought the different type of fonts added to the realism of the composition.