I love plants. Do you know plants ‘breathe’ too, but they do it through tiny openings in leaves called stomata, open and close to allow the intake of carbon dioxide and the release of oxygen. The gas exchange that occurs when stomata are open facilitates photosynthesis.

The primary function of photosynthesis is to convert solar energy into chemical energy and then store that chemical energy for future use and  also  cooling the plant and pumping water and minerals to the leaves for photosynthesis.

I found a series of SEM stoma photo series call”show me the carbon by Robert Dash” The intricacy and beauty of these stomata fascinated me the first moment I saw them, in particularly, the one from Eucalyptus  plant caught my eyes. So I choose this as my reference pic,  to replicate this pattern, I used three different type of beans, red bean, barley and roasted barley bean, attaching it to a bread as the base. The unique shapes of the beans, and the hilum(the scar on a seed marking the point of attachment to its seed vessel) of the bean mimics the stoma opening.

Plant have leave,  human we have skin.  

I Found that their is a connection between human skin and leave, as both has the two main function: protection and regulation. 

What fascinates me most is the human skin, the layer between inside and outside, which serves as a membrane for exchange.   This body membrane is made from the same substance as the world. The human body does not end at the skin, but invisibly expands into space. The hidden membrane exists between our body and our surroundings. We can enter this invisible micro level with a microscope; we enter and magnify the micro world. 

My vision is to incorporate the idea of plant stoma and human skins together, to transform It into a functional and flexibly adapting membrane glove where is  cooling  device through those stomata openings and also  she is living in a place that is scarce natural resources, natural food has mostly died out due to various plagues and diseases, the glove helps the generate energy from the sun.

Material- glue gun stick(inorganic material) and beans(organic material) 

For the aesthetic of the glove, I want to incorporate with the windup girl’s characteristic,  she has a  dark and morally questionable characteristic, trying to survive in a broken world. I feel that so black suits her characteristic than the white one.

I choose Red bean as the organic element, as the hilum is the most obvious one as compare to the others, and also the colours, I feel it really matches the black glue stick.


I had a lot of fun through out the project, destroying mannequin, and buying a new mannequin…. Overall, I am really satisfied with the final result.

Thanks for reading.


I chose the first dance video, AMA, a short film performed and directed by deep sea diver and underwater filmmaker Julie Gauiter.

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdBuDg7mrT8

The task of the project is to make 1 mixed media sculpture, consisting of 2, no more than 3 main materials. The model should contain minimally 1 curve element (planar or volumetric). The sculpture should capture the mood and/or essence of your selected Dance piece.

The sculpture is not a literal representation of a scene or a dance pose.

Ideation – Woman in the society

Women play a vital role in Human progress and have a significant play in the society. However, women are still considered inferior to men even though women have achieved greater heights in all fields, there are just a fraction few. Unfortunately in may instances it is parents who are to blame for instilling value of being submissive  onto a girl. 

Girls – we are being sheltered and over protected in an authoritarian manner. No boyfriend before 18, no clubbing and drinking, come back before 12. 

Girls – we stuck at the fine line between Protection and control. 

The key words that I choose is protection and control. 

The difference between control and protection

Control provides a form of protection, is a degree of resistance – no freedom, keep you  safe, no space to grow.

Protection – a certain degree of freedom, you can do whatever you want, there is a protective circle around you but it doesn’t constricte you, when it move, it move with you.


I have developed two model that express the fine line between Protection and control. 

1,  The Hanging Sculpture

Material – wire x stocking x stone 

The stocking symbolised the idea of protection and the wire symbolised the idea of control, the manipulative parents trying to control our life. The stone represent, the girl. 

What I dont like about this model – Can’t really show the fine line between protection and control 

2, The Grounded Sculpture

Material – paper x stocking

The paper sculpture symbolised the idea of protection, and the stocking  symbolised the idea of Control.

What I dont like about this model – Aesthetic – is bad, and its hard to work with stocking.

Inspiration – The Wire Sculpture of Ruth Asawa

The essence of Asawa’s art in wire has to do with transparency and interpenetration, with overlapping, shadow, and darkening. Her forms appear simultaneously inside and outside, sometimes revealing their inner space, sometimes their outer. 

This shifting perspective makes the forms dynamic, and gives them a quality of vision-in-motion. Hanging individual works in series adds further layers of complexity, as the overlapping compositions become artworks themselves, which change as the viewer changes position.

Final model – A Hanging Wire Sculpture

Bottom- Protection
Middle – the fine line between protection and control
Parents have the control over the wire you attached to the Stonethe girl.

When you started out, you can be anywhere, but your parents decided to pull you up or down, if you go down which is where protection is, where you have the space to grow, opportunities, everything you need, you can move freely, you are protected but not restricted, cause you have the space, freedom. 

Move the stone down – more freedom
Move the stone up – more control 

But then if your parents are very straight, it view you in and now you feel constricted, not enough of space, freedom to grow to fully show your capabilities. 

In the middle, the fine line between control and freedom, since we are young, we dont have the control over our string, we dont have a say of you wanna be lower down or higher up, its entirely depends on our parents who are in control of it. Parents do it with the best interest from there heart, but they do not see the other possibilities. Some parents just don’t see it.


Thanks for reading.

3D 2A – Polyhedron Dreams / Final Model


The choice of materials used were, cardboard and metal wire. The metal wire coiled around the planar model and it pointed diagonally. The flexibleness of the wires enhances and extend out of planar model to symbolise the implied motion of a theatre, music, sound waves, echo, where its amplifying.

Unfortunately, after a few attempts of trying to make the planes stay on it  own, it  fail badly, the weight of the wire is heavier than the cardboard, thus will topple eventually.

Final Model

So here’s my final model. I chose to use a thicker cardboard and thinner metal wire for my final model to counter off the weight which is able to stand itself. The black colour cardboard  helps to create a contrast between the metal wire and the planar model.

More wires were then added to the model to imitate the idea of music travels from the process model. Small planes are then added for the final touch to link both the wires and planar model together. As it ties both together, it makes the whole model look more coherent.

Overall I think I have achieved what I wanted and conveyed the message behind it. I would like to try to construct my model with another material(acrylic), and use a mixer of different thickness of wires and probably enlarge the size of the model to create a stronger visual effect.

Thank you for reading.