3D 2A – Polyhedron Dreams / Final Model


The choice of materials used were, cardboard and metal wire. The metal wire coiled around the planar model and it pointed diagonally. The flexibleness of the wires enhances and extend out of planar model to symbolise the implied motion of a theatre, music, sound waves, echo, where its amplifying.

Unfortunately, after a few attempts of trying to make the planes stay on it  own, it  fail badly, the weight of the wire is heavier than the cardboard, thus will topple eventually.

Final Model

So here’s my final model. I chose to use a thicker cardboard and thinner metal wire for my final model to counter off the weight which is able to stand itself. The black colour cardboard  helps to create a contrast between the metal wire and the planar model.

More wires were then added to the model to imitate the idea of music travels from the process model. Small planes are then added for the final touch to link both the wires and planar model together. As it ties both together, it makes the whole model look more coherent.

Overall I think I have achieved what I wanted and conveyed the message behind it. I would like to try to construct my model with another material(acrylic), and use a mixer of different thickness of wires and probably enlarge the size of the model to create a stronger visual effect.

Thank you for reading. 

3D 2A – Polyhedron Dreams – Research


I selected tetrahedron to make my reference model out of chopsticks.

Playing with the idea of symmetry, the random idea to create a model which you will see a triangle from all different angles. Layering of the different sizes of planes helped to make the entire model look less rigid and static as well to give it variation.


The planar model that I chose it somehow resembles the Sydney Opera House, so I decided the visual aspect of the model was inspired from theatre. I found some inspiration images for reference. It depicted the idea that I wanted to bring across. The use of extension of  planes and the wires exploding out from the edges of the planes from my initial process model.