Iridescent Dream” is a representation, reflection, and celebration of  women through the lens of intergenerational femininity.

Representing a range of identities, each subject should challenge your own prejudices of  women solely based on their appearances.

Being women in the society we are expected to dress a certain way, when we are young, we are dressing up according to our  parent’s expectations, however, this may not what we want choose to been seen.

Our parents have had a pivotal role in building our idea of femininity, whether through showing us how they themselves dress or telling us how they wants us to present ourselves. The issue that I want to highlight visually was this expectation of being a women from our parents versus our true identity.





“Iridescent Dream “ is an interactive photo installation portrait of women defining their own femininity, navigating the conflict between self and social perceptions.It invites you to be empathetic, reflect on your own values, and see how this plays in a much bigger cultural context.

Locker – Restricted, claustrophobic area to represent how women felt that their identity being confined to fits the social norms surrounding femininity, and the extent to which they have to play the part. 

The iridescent foil curtain – walk into a new place, a whole new world – it gives a sense of  freedom, and also create a contrast to the locker. 

Mirror– reflection, it makes the viewer to reflect on themselves.