This is a Cosmetic brand Benefit advertisement for its Boi-ing concealer, it depicts a tired-looking young woman in bed with a pile of books next to her, she is holding an alarm clock, it states at 7:30am = Student, just work up, gonna prepare for school. 

The model is bare face, she has dark circles, freckles and uneven skin tone ang messy hair. it signified that she is tired, not attractive. 

Beside the tired-looking young woman, a miniature  be spectacled lady  who wears formal wears, stood beside her, holding a ruler and the boiling concealer, it signified that she is a teacher. 

The teacher is holding the  ruler and pointing it  to the concealer, it symbolizde the tag line of the product- “ Rise and Boi – ing, Skip class not concealer”, which you can find at the top right corner of the advertisement. 

On the bottom of the advertisement it says, don’t snooze on your skin. Make it Flawless with out boiling concealer collection. What blemishes, dark circles and uneven skin? Wake up, cover up and face the day flawless and fabulous. 

The Lingustic message that the brand is trying to promote the all in one concealer which its able to conceal out the blemishes, dark circles and uneven skin tone at one go which is perfect for student who don’t really have a lot of time in morning to prepare for school. 

Benefit Cosmetics is a global beauty brand – well known for its playful aesthetic and vibrant personality.

The team behind Benefit has built a beloved brand, known for its quirky attitude and creative approach to naming products and the tag lines. 

However, this advert has been accused of sexism with some shoppers claiming it encourages women to focus on looks rather than education and the choice of words has sparked a debate about the brand’s social responsibility towards female empowerment.


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