Micro-Project 1: Creating the Third Space

For my  first image, I decided to capture the image at lecture hall, as my expectation for university life, it will be systematic, like how those bench being placed and spending most of my time at lecture hall absorbing new informations. While the second image was taken at the basement 1 ,  where actually I spent most of my time in school, rushing for submissions. The space altered by the foreign object(chairs), the unfamiliarity was being introduced to the space reflects my experience thus far in school. The school system  disrupted my systematic mundane working life and I am still adopting the new environment (I know it has been six months). 

The characteristics of the alternative virtual space that we had created are personal, collaborative and constant changing, it holds different perspective by different participants which holds or retains special memories. #1010adm provides a platform for the participants to interact through interact with each other by commenting on, replying to comments and liking other’s post.  However, hashtag is easily being alternated, it is a open platform, anyone can use the Hashtag without persimmon. The space will be altered If the hashtag were to be used by irrelevant content such as a space that is outside of ADM is being introduced, it will disrupted the consistency of the work. 

Both concepts of Do-it-Yourself (DIY) and Do it with others(DIWO) were demonstrated in the project. Every participant had to contribute their own interpretation of the project from their perspective. Posting it on Instagram using the hashtag #1010adm is a collaborative effort of every participant is communicating(in the comments),  sharing their thoughts and ideas can be exchanged without entering into physical space. In my opinion the project is more of DIWO as the objective, Hashtag#1010adm creates a community binding like minded community to interact and further discuss the topic.