Micro-Project 3 : Together Split

Hey guys!! Here’s my third micro project for Experimental Interaction. Desiree, Fenella,Siti and I staged a “music video” using split-screen video chat features on Instagram. Enjoy:-))))


 We decided to perform a couple of simple moves with the music beats and translating these moves from one screen to another as fluid as possible, which also the main challenge of this project, as it was hard to get the right timing for the objects to be in the right place.

The objective of this project is to experience the possibilities of the third space and able to create a work that incorporated four person smoothly.

We had quite a hard time coordinating with one another, our initial idea was to use music beat as a signal for the movements then we realised that our sense of rhythm are different. Through this micro-project, we were able to explore the essence of time in the third space, and how it can pave way to creative ways for more collaborative art performances that are no longer limited by the physical boundaries.

Out of all the 3 Micro-Projects
1. Which project did you feel you had the most creative control? Why?
Micro-Project 1
The brief of the project was simple and straight forward, Photograph the space or object, post your photo in the Instagram describe it and include the #1010adm hashtag. We were given a lot of “freedom” in this project as compare to the other two Micro-Projects.

2. Which project had the most unpredictable outcome? Why?
Micro-Project 2
Micro-Project 2 had the most unpredictable outcome as it allowed the audience of the work to have a huge amount of control in the next action of (ME) and I  had to follow. Our concept was to let the crowdsourced community experiencing their fear through the participant, our objective of this project is to see how the crowdsourced community  react when they have two extreme options to choose from, the  Angel” VS ‘Devil” options, when its not themselves performing the actions. I was surprised that the  crowdsourced community (my insta followers) chose all the “Devil” which are the nasty options, I thought they will choose the “Angel” options….

3. Which project best illustrates the concepts of DIWO & Open–Source?Why?
Micro-Project 1
Both concepts of Do-it-Yourself (DIY) and Do it with others(DIWO) were best illustrates in Micro-Project 1. Every participant had to contribute their own interpretation of the project from their perspective. Posting it on Instagram using the hashtag #1010adm is a collaborative effort of every participant is communicating(in the comments). It felt like everyone was working towards a common goal by contributing their own interpretation of the project.