Assignment 2: Form Making – Kettle

Continuing from assignment 1, we were tasked to Build a scale model of the chosen object design from Vis 2 using blue foam. The scale of the object will be decided based on the original size of the object. The longest dimension of the object should be no shorter than 15 cm and no longer than 30 cm.

From my ideation sketches, I chose this design where I was inspired by pregnant penguin. It has an interesting form, organic shapes, which make this kettle different from the others.


My orthographic drawings of the model:


Orthographic Drawings
Model Making Process

This is my final model

Final Product


I felt that the hardest part was really getting the shape right. I cut them from as one whole piece, initially, I thought that will be easier as compared to cutting different pieces, I was wrong. Cutting in one whole piece is much harder than cutting different pieces. As you can see from my process, at one point in time, I really feel like giving up!!!!! Why is it so harddddd 🙁

Another challenge that I face is to get the smooth and even surface since I was sanding everything by hand and model has this organic shape, it was really challenging.  and my biggest challenge is puttying, I added in a total of five layers of putty and sanded it down, and then repeated that process again. For the first few layer, I put a really thick layer of putty, as I wanna cover the holes and uneven surfaces on my model, however it takes really long to dry. So for a week, my daily routine was before I go to sleep, I will put one layer of putty, then when I wake up I will start sanding… and the worst part is when I was sanding, some of the thicker layers are still wet!!!!!

This assignment was a new experience for me, first time working with blue foam, wire cutter and putty. It was a really tedious and time-consuming process, however, I am pretty satisfied with my final product, it’s not perfect, but definitely, it was the best I can do with the short amount of time what was given. I am grateful for this opportunity that I have an opportunity to work with materials that I have never work before, and through this assignment, I have a better understanding of dimensions and scale (from normal size kettle to a portable traveling kettle) hahaha.