3D: Project 4_Mood Box (Individual/Group)

Individual – Chosen Sound 2:

Individual – Sound 2: 3D Sketch Model 

Chosen material for box: Plastic container

Reason: The bouncing sound, sounded like it was bouncing off plastic walls in an enclosed area.

Group: 3D Sketch Model

Materials used:

  • Metal wire
  • Blue shiny paper
  • Straw
  • Net wire
  • Wooden block
  • Gold/Rose gold spray paint

Sound 1:

The middle coiled wire represents the sand sound that consistently loops in the background.

Sub-Dominant 1:
The blue ribbons represent the tone bar melody. 

Sub-Dominant 2:
The Straw represents the zig-zag sound.

The Netted wire represents the humming.

Front view –

Right Side View –

Left Side View –

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