Project 3 Final

Reliability – immovable, dependable.

A slanted flat surface gives a platform that give the illusion that the object might be falling off due to the law of physic. Square is representing as a reliable object that stand firm on the surface. Circle as an unreliable object as it gives the impression that it is easily roll around. The circle resting upon the square object which increase the reliable feeling. It gives a feeling that the circle had stop moving due to the square object.

Design Principles

Contrast – the great different color change between light and dark colors which make the lighter color object appear in front of the poster. It creates a “pops.” effect.

Movement – the gradual change of blue colors from dark blue to light blue which guide the user eye towards the main object of the poster

Proportion – The Golden Ratio and One-Third Rule – the ratio in the Golden as being pleasing.


Primary Colors – blue – it is a cool color. It gives a Trustworthy, Calming emotion to the viewer.

Secondary Colors – orange – it is a Warm color. It gives Fresh, Youthful emotion to the viewer.

Complimentary Colors – Colors that are totally opposite of each other in the color wheel. It makes the object stands out.


Project 3 Idea sketches

First design tries to bring out the feeling of reliable. The rectangular base give a very solid feel. The shadow gives an illusion of a building like structure. The immovable feeling was created.

The second design tries to use the relationship of objects to bring out move reliable feeling. An object relying on the wall, which bring out the strong feeling of the object will never fall due to the support from the wall.

The third design tries to bring out the contrast of the feeling of unreliable. The circular object was bringing out as it gives the feeling of easily moving around. Slanted surface brings out the uncertainty feeling that everything might fall off the poster.

The fourth design tries to make the reliable object the main forces of the poster. It gives the feeling that it is a strong standing object.

Project 2 final

Title – The Lonely Werewolf

Story – The werewolf wants to fit into society however he has to leave the city everyday in order not to harm the people. No matter how he tries to fit into the society as businessmen, he is still a werewolf and unable to fit into society.

State elements – Cliff, Moon, Businessman, business buildings, Hat, Wolfman

Design principles – Continuity for the cliff. It does not have a clear outline of the cliff but the audience will able to see the cliff because of the texture inside the cliff. There is also no clear separation lines between the buildings but the audience can tell is the different buildings as the buildings have different size of windows. The texture of the cliff and the road also bring out the hardness of it. The hat of the werewolf and businessmen which indicate that they are the same person connect the two images.

Proj difficulties – It is hard to control the strength of cutting on the lino as it is my first time using the tools. I also spend some time research on the objects in vector form. It is a different presentation with every object using just black and white. It took me some time for me to visualize the final piece.

take- away – Research is very important. It help me to understand visualize the end result. The experiment is also important. By cutting out a dictionary, I was able to see the different textures that it gives.

Proj 2 research beautiful images

Beautiful images with black and white contrust

Businessman images before transitioning to a wolfman

Businessman side view with briefcase or portfolio, vector isolated color illustration.

Both businessman and wolfman will be wearing a hat to indicate they are the same person. The hat brings connectivity to both images.

The road from the first image will connect to the cliff of the second image.

allosaurus in cliff with moon at the night

Image of buildings for businessman background

Final image