Project 2 final

Title – The Lonely Werewolf

Story – The werewolf wants to fit into society however he has to leave the city everyday in order not to harm the people. No matter how he tries to fit into the society as businessmen, he is still a werewolf and unable to fit into society.

State elements – Cliff, Moon, Businessman, business buildings, Hat, Wolfman

Design principles – Continuity for the cliff. It does not have a clear outline of the cliff but the audience will able to see the cliff because of the texture inside the cliff. There is also no clear separation lines between the buildings but the audience can tell is the different buildings as the buildings have different size of windows. The texture of the cliff and the road also bring out the hardness of it. The hat of the werewolf and businessmen which indicate that they are the same person connect the two images.

Proj difficulties – It is hard to control the strength of cutting on the lino as it is my first time using the tools. I also spend some time research on the objects in vector form. It is a different presentation with every object using just black and white. It took me some time for me to visualize the final piece.

take- away – Research is very important. It help me to understand visualize the end result. The experiment is also important. By cutting out a dictionary, I was able to see the different textures that it gives.