Project 1

Feeling: Calm

The calm feeling when I am at the peak of the mountain. Hiking is one of the activities that I like to do. The wind breeze at the top of the mountain make me feel calm and carefree.

Feeling : Happiness

The happiness I felt whenever I go to Taiwan. I was born in Taiwan and I have many wonderful memories in Taiwan. However, I had lived in Singapore for many years, some of the happy memories are starting to fade away.

Feeling : Excited

I feel excited about every overseas trip with my friends. It has always been a fun and adventurous trip.

Feeling : Sadness

The sadness emotion that I felt when I first come to Singapore. There is also the feeling of loneliness.

Feeling : Pain

The pain that I felt when my skin rub against the pavement. When I was young, I like to play catching with my friends. Therefore, I always fall down often and leaving a scar. 

Feeling : Fear

I feel fear every time there is a submission of work. There is an uncertainty about whether I done the work correctly or not. I always sense an urgency when the dateline gets nearer. 

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