Necomimi /Device #1

The Necomimi is a wearable device which senses the user’s brainwaves and reacts accordingly. The neko (cat)’s ears, at the top of the band wiggles and changes direction in accordance to the brainwaves sensed.


How it works (Official Company Statement):

Step 1: Neurons firing in the brain give off electrical impulses, which are picked up by the forehead sensor.

Step 2: The Necomimi headset captures brainwave data, filters out electrical noise from the environment, and interprets it with NeuroSky’s Attention and Meditation algorithms.

Step 3: Your mental state is translated into ear movements and shared with those around you!


The necomimi adopts a very simple, user-friendly design – ear-like extensions of both sides, and a protruding sensor to sense EEG. The necomimi perches on a user’s head, the same way a headband does.

It is a visual representation of our brainwaves, and like our feline friends who communicates via body language, the necomimi tries to emulate this unspoken communication through the realistic depiction of cat’s ears.

In my opinion, the necomimi is definitely appealing to the common crowd, especially the animal-lovers. Its cute and simple design makes it easily an accessory to your common day wear. However, beyond its novelty, there is little practical use for it.

Perhaps, more additions could be made to it – to increase its user mileage, and interaction between fellow necomimi users, the necomimi could:
– light up when other users are near, prompting the user to interact with fellow neco enthusiasts
– include other sound effects, or changing in colour, ie. more output feedback



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