Our Personal Cocoon /Our Interactive Device


By Martin, Yi Xian, and Tania

Inspired by the SensorBox, our team decided to harness its sensory-qualities and implement it into a personal ‘cocoon’, or space, for each user.


How it functions:
– A smartphone sister application, and external sensors which will be placed around the house, recording and transferring sensory data (eg. air quality, light, humidity, length of conversations in house ie. noise measure) over to the Pod.
– The Pod then tunes itself to create a corresponding soothing environment for the user, based on the data collected. Eg. Hot weather, with long conversations and long periods of using laptop corresponds to: Cool temperatures, with blue hues and soothing music in the Pod.
– The user then steps into the Pod, which can stay upright in a sitting position, or lying supine. The Pod can then close up, and fully envelope the user.
– The Pod then further adjusts according to the user’s ‘live’ data – further fine-tuning the environment within the Pod. Eg. Music cuts off, or changes according to user’s preferences. These changes will occur on auto-pilot mode, but can also be adjusted manually.

We discussed about placing the Pod in public spaces, where visitors can geta ‘home away from home’, but thought that having a Pod for personal use at one’s own home could also be a good idea. The user can then wind down properly, after a day’s work.

We also thought that the Pod could work as a monitoring device, and placed at hospitals (or even jails). It could reduce the need for manpower, and improve administration.


Featured Image credits –¬†https://www.behance.net/gallery/3838729/Telepresence-Pod-The-Cocoon


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